Cat Color Crazy Horse Leather 1.5-1.6mm

Cat Color Crazy Horse Leather 1.5-1.6mm


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Haki Yeşil Crazy 1.5-1.6

Cat Color Crazy Horse Leather 1.5-1.6mm

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Crazy Leather

Oily leather is prepared by painting the surface of normal raw leather with analine dyeing method and then sealing the paint surface with natural oils or waxes.

The best known type is Crazy leather.

If you bend or try to draw the oily skin with your hand, you will see that it changes color very quickly and then, if you rub the color change with your fingers, it regains its old color thanks to the oil on it.

The front and back surfaces of the leathers are clean.

Leathers are A grade.

Thickness: 1.5-1.6mm

Bag, Wallet, Shoes, Phone and Computer Case, Accessory etc. It can be used in construction.

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